Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is a cute stamp set by BossKuts called Buggies. I love this little set and bought it thinking of my grandkids! You know how little girls scream when they see a bug! This is true confessions of a impulse buyer! A couple of months ago I went to our local, one and only, scrap store. No stamping supplies but once in awhile you can find some cool tools! Anyway...I bought the cutterpede cutters, I bought 3 of them! Came home and did everything in my power to make them work, couldn't figure it out. So last night I stopped in there again, and read the BACK DIRECTIONS! and found out-oh you need a cutterpede cutter board! Well, I bought one! Then I came home and couldn't figure how to attach the cutter to the board, searched the net and found a video on the cutterpede at EKSUCCESS. Figured it out, finally, I'm really not this dense most of the time! So this is the card I threw together this morning playing around with it. I think it turned out cute! I love the scalloped edges you see everyone using. So maybe now, with some more practice with it, I can have some nice scalloped edges for my cards!
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Susan said...

Love these little bugs! Who says you can't color? I think they're great!

Monica said...

It think this card is just adorable!! You did a great job!

Sonya said...

Cute little bugs! One adorable card:)