Friday, November 14, 2008

No Mojo

I can't believe I have lost my mojo! I haven't made on card in over two weeks! I'm hoping today the mailman brings me some goodies that I ordered from Wish on a Scrap! I ordered 6 new Magnolia's. I know that will help bring the mojo back! And of course having the dining room table cleaned off don't help!
You will see lots of new looks on my blog as far as my header and backgrounds. I have played around with graphics for about 12 years and am now teaching myself HTML. That is a lot of reading and a lot of trials n booboo's! But its fun, once you understand the first part, don't ask what the first part of HTML is, I have no idea! LOL
Please keep stopping by, I will have my mojo back shortly!!
Hope everyone is having a great week, and have a great weekend.


Danni said...

Ohhhhhhhh........I LOVE your blog look!! You're so talented. I have tried to figure out graphics and such and I just can't! Hope that mojo returns asap!!

having a {me} day said...

Hi! Love your Christmas looking blog! What great colours! You are so talented!! Hope you get your stamps and mojo soon, I'm missing your creations! kat having a {me} day.

Marcia said...

I love all the Blog headers you are coming up with-- they are so fun! I however, do not have this talent! I'll live vicariously through you! Keep it up!

Eulanda said...

It doesn't matter - I still love your cards and your blog!! :) Oh, I left something for you on my blog ..... :) Love the xmas look! I was just on Kim's and she's changed hers and I'm thinking it's time I change mine!! Yay! XMAS!!

Ami said...

I like the new layout a lot, both black and white with pops of color. We all go thru times where we don't make anything, don't worry we will all still be here and can't wait til you do!