Sunday, March 16, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!!

I just can't tell you what a great weekend I've had! My granddaughter Mariah came to stay over night yesterday and we stamped! She is a stamper in the making! Let me tell you, she can create a card in no time. She colored it all by herself, picked out colors and ribbons. We just had a great time. She talks 100 mile a minute and gramma was in her glory!! I'm going to show you just how talented my girl is! This card is for her mommy. Her mom is having a baby in July, she will have a brother and is very excited! She explained why she colored everything that color!! Pink shirt, her moms favorite color. Black pant and boots, thats the color she wears to work! She is carring a Coach purse!! LOL What a 6 year old knows!! LOL

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