Monday, March 24, 2008

RAK!! From Susan!

I have to share what my Friend Susan sent me! How generous is that? Look at her card!! I love that card and when she showed it on her blog, had to put it on our group home page at SCCB! Then the sweetie sent it to me! On top of that, she sent me images! Images that I have ooh'd and ahhh'd over!! Then to put the frosting on the cake! She sent me Meet Me at the Cafe stamp set by My Favorite Things! Which she knew I loved to no end!! Wow, I just can't thank her enough for her kindness and thinking of me!! Thank you Susan!! You are the best!
Big hugz to you!


Ami said...

WOW You hit the jackpot :) Looks like you are about to have fun.

Susan said...

Glad you like it! My blog is thanking you! So lets see some of these crazy gals put to color!