Monday, March 24, 2008

Lola Rose and her Umbrella

Lola Rose and her Umbrella was completely backward card! I was looking at blogs and on Lauren Meaders blog she had a green/white/black card. Loved the colors. So I started playing around with the card colors first! Wasn't happy with my layout so I added the pink. Cut my triangle so off that I added the ribbon to it. Had no image in mind for it! So sitting and watching tv coloring Lola I used the colors in my card. Added a little bling to the card and I love it! I love the colors that just happened. Sometimes it pays to do things completely backwards and not put a lot of thought into it. Finished result...Bright and Springy!


Susan said...

Love the colors and Lola Rose is so great! Love her! I'm going to have to put some of mine together. You've inspired me!

Danni said...

My fav! Love this! It's a really neat card!