Monday, June 9, 2008

Dreamsicle Anyone?

The tut for this came from a good friend and for the life of me I cannot find it and give the person credit. When I do I will post who the creator is. Isn't it to cute? It would make a great invite for a bunch of gals to get together poolside for a margarita! To bad I don't have a pool! But my daughter does, so maybe I can borrow it for a Saturday afternoon in the sun party! Super easy to make. Used my SU scallops punch for the "bite" and I found all these colored popcicle sticks at the dollar store! Matched my orange paper perfect! The image was a gift from Mary-Jane and I never knew what to use it on! Well it fits perfect! I ordered a stamp set off of ebay of summer fruit. Its a CTMH set. I thought it would be perfect having all the fruits on there and adding them to the card. Just have to pick up some inks to go with it.
I worked on many projects this weekend and actaully finished them! I will post them to my blog later. Right now I have an explosion box in the making. Never made one before and me and my bright idea's tried something a littl different and now I have to figure out what to do with my sides! I hate that when I think of a "great" idea and it just causes more work for me! Oh well, if thats all I have to worry about, life is good!
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Melissa said...

Neat-O!! Great job!

Loreen said...

That came out wonderful! Looks DELICIOUS =)