Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tweet Wishes

This is Tweet by PinkPetticoat. I colored her with my jelly roll pens, she is BIRGHT! Then I added my dots! I love the way this turned out. And the bummer of it is, I have a black smear of my black ink on the white. I tried my best to cover it up with my White Pen, but I didn't want to really make a mess so I left it as is.
I'm not crazy about my jelly roll pens, they're just to thick and globby! But they do look good when you want something to stick out and be center! They make great dots! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Marti - Pez-A-Doodle Design Studios said...

oh MAN do i love your dots!!!!! i am such a sucker for dots!