Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally...Some Mojo!!

Don't Look MOM!!! This is my Mother's Day Card to my Mom. She is worth so much more than a card! There is not enough room on any card to tell her how special she is to me. We have been best friends as long as I can remember. She is my support system and always see's things in a bright and cheery light. I've lived by her saying..."All things Happen for a Reason" since I can remember. She is so awesome. She worked outside of the home for 40 years and raised a family. She is independent, self motivated and has the heart of GOLD. She can sew like a pro, cook like a chef, keep the cleanest house EVER! And love her family unconditionally. Beleive me, I think I gave her a few sleepless nights! She is the best gramma to Scott and M, and a great gramma to Mariah, Ethan and Reese! Who could possibly ask for more.

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