Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So true!!

I love this saying!! So true! When my kids were small everything was black and white! For example..Did you do that? YES OR NO? LOL Seems like that had to be the only thing that came out of my mouth for about 13 years! Funny how times change and life gets more color when you get older and have grandkids! How come when your grandkids do something its so cute! When your kids did the same thing, it wasn't cute at all!! I asked my son one time how old Mariah had to be to date. He told me ..
36! M, the one who never cleaned her room and now keeps a spotless house! Me, well I have to say, I miss the old days, when everything was black and white! There was never a dull moment! I miss those days!

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Ami said...

Oh I love the card and too funny!