Saturday, May 24, 2008

Save the Date assembly line!

This is what I've been working on this week. My playing has come to a halt! Not that this isn't playing, I'm having the time of my life with actually having a theme already to go!! There are 200 3 x 3/12 metallic cardstock pieces. Thanks to all my friends at SCCB for coming through and going that extra mile for me and sending me my metallic cardstock! I bought all our Michaels had and put out a plea for help! WOW everyone came through for me and I have enough to finish the save the dates and start on the RSVP's. Might have to get out another plea for more, I still have all those invites to do! This metallic cardstock is awesome!! So pretty! I printed out 200 Save the Date verses. Punched 800 corners, 400 strips of double sided tape, 400 punches for ribbon and cut 8 strips of ribbon, so far! I'm getting there! I am so happy with how they are turning out. I still have to mount them on my embossed background and punch out 200 magnetic cirles for the back. Then put them in the vellum envies and white envies and they'll be done. I think this is the easy part! LOL Still debating on the invites. I have to include the RSVP's in the wedding invites so might make my cards a little different than what I had planned. I went over to SCS and checked out some of their creations and have some great idea's now. But we'll see how creative I can be coming up with something!!
Thanks for stopping by and I will keep you posted on the progress!


Berry said...

Hi Deb i just loveeeeee how the cards are coming out and i know it's really really really hard work i love it.
Sorry i couldn't get you any metallic cardstock but you know what has everything and free shipping offers hey you are the enabeler and now i'm telling you what to buy???

Susan said...

Great progress! That's all you do is get an assembly line going and go with it. Get on that roll and ride it until they're done. It will be such a great sense of accomplishment! You go girl!