Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lost world of patterns!

I remember in high school I made most of my cloths. Thats when you could buy fabric for hardly nothing, same with a pattern! It was the cool thing to do and of course you had Home Ec! I loved to sew, and my mom could sew like everything. She made gorgeous pantsuits for work and even made her dress for my wedding. She has more patience than I did to sit down and figure out a pattern to fit you like a glove. I just couldn't sit there and sew that long. She would always end up finishing my creation. I gave up sewing when you could buy something cheaper than buying the fabric! Now most of the sewing I do, is on paper! I've had this stamp for awhile. Its by Tim Holtz and reminds me of the old Vogue patterns. Very confusing looking!
I've never used this stamp before and today was one of those crazy days I wanted to work on a card, but something way out of the ordinary for me. I had an idea what I wanted to do, so I dug out the sewing basket and found what I wanted! I've had the measuring tape ribbon for awhile. Bought if especilly for this stamp at JoAnn's. Did some stitching around it and added a few snaps! I distressed my edges of the background paper to look more like fabric edging. It turned out different! I'm not sure I should of put the ribbon on the top. But its something different for me!
Thanks for stopping by!


Susan said...

Oh, I love it! And the tape measure ribbon is perfect! Looks great!

Loreen said...

I love this stamp! I was just looking at it today to get for myself. The lady is very Jackie O. Love it!

marcia said...

This stamp Does look like an old pattern envelope!

I like the "colors" you chose!

Ami said...

Have I mentioned I love this? You know I do! Great card.