Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TV Lamp

Told you I liked Retro! Must be my age! I am retro! I collect TV Lamps. I don't know how many of you remember them, but the sat on top of your tv and had a dim light. They said that watching tv could hurt your eyes if there was no light. So the tv lamp was born! I have about 30, my mom has about 20. This pic is my favorite style. I have one in almost every color they came out with. The colors were limited. I have black, green and maroon. The colors also vary and there are two styles of the tulip lamp. This one having the tips of the tulip droop more than the other. My favorite is the black ones trimmed in gold. There is a pealized color in the lighter parts of these lamps. Very pretty! And I also collect planters that sat in a gold filigree stand. I love those things and think back on my mom's and gramma's. Always wondering why I didn't keep those! I have a swan planter that I won off of ebay. Looked for ever for it. My mom had one and an awful story to go with it! I must of been about 7 and babysitter had her boyfriend over and they were goofing around on the couch. I was in the chair and they threw the pillow and hit the swan that hit my moms glass globe lamp and guess what?? I GOT BLAMED FOR IT!! Broke the lamp, swan lived! I was grounded forever! And I didn't do it! I remember the swan and I wanted one so I went on a hunt for it! Found it and I make sure I keep it away from all glass things! LOL But I have my swan!! Might even be the same one! Who knows!!
Just thought I would tell ya how much I do love retro!!

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Ami said...

This is so fabulous. What a beautiful lamp and a cute story!