Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a weekend!!

I had the best weekend ever! My daughter Emily, her SO Alex and their children Ethan and Reese, me and hubby Joel all went up to my mom's this weekend! Its about a 250 mile drive from here but we had the best time. Big surprise for my daughter Emily, aka m, she got her diamond! It was a total shock to her, she knew she was getting it, just not when she was getting it!! Alex had some slides he had put on a DVD and on the last two, one said Emily, the next one said "WIll you marry me"! Threw her totally off and we were all crying and excited for them both! I knew about his plan all along and so I went along with everything he asked and it worked perfect! My DD is now sporting a gorgeous engagement ring! Then of course the grandkids were there and they are so fun. Today was just perfect out and we all went for a walk looking for agates! Ethan, who is 5, was really into finding agates. I helped him out just alittle by going in the shop and finding a coffee can full of them! Asked great gramma's permission if he could have them, and of course she is as soft as me, got his agates! Reese enjoyed being outside in the sunshine, really probably one of the first times she has actually been out in her life! She was born in Oct! She had so much fun. She is such a good baby! Smiles all the time. So what better way to spend a gorgeous weekend??
I am going to be making all of m's Save the Date cards and invitations for her wedding! I had 6 cards made up for her and Alex to choose from. They choose 3 out of the 6 and so its a go! So I will be busy creating for awhile! I made 2 of the save the date and they picked the one they liked. When I get going, I will post them so you can see!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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